This game was made for Game Off 2019 Jam.


  • Hold Left Click to aim and release to launch yourself
  • Press ESC or Enter to pause.
  • Press E to open Inventory.
  • Press 1-4 to use a skill.
  • Press Right Click to use weapon.

Here is a list of items in Game Off 2019 Build;

  • Feather: A Crafting Material (Common)
  • Helmet of Lariel: Increases defense (Rare)
  • Fireball Skill: Fireballs! (Rare)
  • Sword of Lariel: Sword. (Rare)

Known Issues; 

  • Fullscreen reduces the performance with no reason.

If any error occurs, pause the game and click the cross at bottom left to delete your save file. Then wait like 15 seconds and then you can refresh the page.

By Acedron.

Special Thanks to;

  • Zeroji
  • Hurmadam
  • EgeZ




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Cool game idea for jam theme, enjoyed playing it, nice work

Thank you シ